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Homework Help: Help for optics question

  1. Nov 23, 2004 #1
    Here's the question:

    a beam of natural light is incident on an air-glass interface (n-ti = 1.5) at 40°. Compute the degree of polarization of the reflected light.

    In here, i'm not too sure of the degree of polarization that they're talking about nor which formula to use

    Although, i know that the formula for V=(Ip)/(Ip+In) = (Imax-Imin)/(Imax+Imin) but i dunno how i can use this formula, i mean, we don't have the intensity in the pb, the only thing we can find is R// that can be related to I since Ir// = R//Ii/2

    (the // means parallel btw) and so far, i figure out all the fresnel coefficient: r//, t//, r (perpendicular) and t(perpendicular). Then dunno what to do next.

    Really need help with this...and i'm really lost with what's going on.
    Thanx in advance
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    Claude Bile

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    The degree of polarisation refers to the ratio of reflected p and s polarised irradiances. For example a degree of polarisation of 100 means that the reflected p (or s) polarised irradiance is 100 times greater than the reflected s (or p) irradiance.

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