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Help for question below

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    Given the Cartesian coordinates of n (> 0) 2-dimensional points, write a program that
    computes the area of their smallest bounding rectangle (smallest rectangle containing all the
    given points).
    The input file may contain multiple test cases. Each test case begins with a line
    containing a positive integer n (< 1001) indicating the number of points in this test case.
    Then follows n lines each containing two real numbers giving respectively the x- and y
    coordinates of a point. The input terminates with a test case containing a value 0 for n which
    must not be processed.
    For each test case in the input print a line containing the area of the smallest bounding
    Rectangle rounded to the 4th digit after the decimal point.
    Sample Input
    -3.000 5.000
    17.000 9.000
    17.000 5.000
    10.000 10.000
    10.000 20.000
    20.000 20.000
    20.000 10.000
    Sample Output
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    Once again, please read the guide lines for this forum. No one here is going to do your work for you. If you want help, make a good effort, show us what you have done and where you got stuck and we will try to help.
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