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Help for Statistical Analysis for our Project

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    Good day. I would like to ask for your help about our Statistical Analysis of our project. Our project is an alarm clock. Our objectives are to (1) check if the user is out of the bed, (2) manipulate fan and light actions during alarm.

    The problem is both tests in the above objectives would give only two answers, yes (successful) or no (unsuccessful). We are to determine what is the best analysis for this situation. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any. The data we have is the number of trials which is 30.

    I have found this link http://www.ats.ucla.edu/stat/mult_pkg/whatstat/ and decided to use Binomial Test. Am I right? I also followed http://www.elderlab.yorku.ca/~aaron/Stats2022/BinomialTest.htm [Broken] this link for the calculations.
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