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Help for writing a resume

  1. Aug 16, 2012 #1
    hello.I am a B.S in mechanical engineering and I want to apply for M.S in U.S. I hope that some members on this forum could help me to correct my cv.

    Objective Education and Research in the field of Mechanical Engineering
    Educational Information ·1 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Heat and Fluid Mechanics,
    Guilan national University, Rasht, Iran, June. 2005

    ·2 Pre-University Course Certificate, Mathematics and Physics, Marhaba High School, Astara, Iran,
    ·3 High School Diploma, Mathematics and Physics, Marhaba High School, Astara, Iran,
    Honors ·4 Admitted in Entrance Exam for M.Sc. Program of Islamic Azad University Takestan branch (30 among more than 2000 mechanic participants), 2009
    ·5 Admitted in Employment Exam and Interview for Iran national Oil and Gas company (700 among 21000 participants), 2009
    ·6 Ranked as the second student in 2 semester of B.Sc. Program (among 30 students)
    ·7 Selected for mathematics Olympiads in Astara city(6 student among 3 high school)
    Research Interests ·8 Biofluid Dynamics
    ·9 Bio mechanic
    ·10 Turbulent Flow
    ·11 CFD
    ·12 Combustion
    ·13 Aerodynamics
    ·14 Renewable Energy
    ·15 Heat transfer
    ·16 Mechatronics
    Professional Experiences
    ·17 Engineering Department Expert, Parsian Gas Refinery , Lamerd, Iran, 2009 - present:
    o1 Flare tip design and fabrication team member (design with the aim of prolonging Tip life with preventing internal burning and minimizing purge gas flow with using CFD modeling)
    o2 (24" and 80 Bar) Gas-Hydrocarbon liquid Refinery feed Line Hydraulic and stress design and fabrication team member
    o3 Productivity improvement of heat medium oil heater with survey analysis in order to propose acceptable solution for its efficiency increment
    o4 Design and fabrication of water separator to separate condensed water from compressed air after compressors and reducing adsorption dryers load
    o5 Study and propose solution for erosion in end point cap of dew point control unit
    o6 Design and execution of natural gas transmission and distribution network to residential camp`s facilities
    o7 Design and execution of fire fighting water transmission line from water wells to refinery`s water storage tanks

    ·18 Equipment Erection Supervisor, Kangan 6000 Tons per day Cement Plant Construction Project, Kangan, Iran, 2007- 2009:
    o8 Rotary equipment erection supervisor(Fans, Kiln, Mill, Crusher, electro filter, bag house, Material Handling Systems: belt conveyor, bucket elevator, air lift, fluid slide)
    o9 Plant commissioning team member
    o10 Feasibility study on using kiln exhaust gas for power generation(CHP)
    o11 Design and fabrication of cyclone separator before bag filters to prevent over load
    ·19 Conscript Period in Iran Air and Space Organization, 2005-2007
    ·20 University Project ,2005
    o12 Design of cold storage and freezer with absorption refrigeration cycle (Water-Ammonia)
    ·21 University Apprenticeship Period ,2004
    o13 Training course in 1300 Mega Watt SHAZAND Steam Power plant for 2 month

    Membership in Professional Societies ·22 Iranian Construction Engineers Organization
    Computer Skills ·23 Mechanical Engineering related:
    o14 Fluent (CFD Modeling)
    o15 Gambit (Meshing)
    o16 AutoCAD
    o17 CATIA
    o18 CAESAR_װ (Familiar)
    o19 Pipe Flow Expert
    o20 PDMS (Familiar)
    ·24 Application packages:
    o21 Microsoft Office
    ·25 Programming:
    o22 Visual Basic (Familiar)
    o23 MATLAB
    ·26 Graphical:
    o24 Adobe Photoshop, Maya
    Professional Training ·27 Basic course in API and ASME standards and codes in Oil and Gas Industry
    ·28 Basic course in familiarity with Refineries Equipments (Turbine, Pump, Heat Exchanger, Distillation Tower, Cooling Tower, Heater)
    ·29 Basic Piping course
    English Proficiency ·30 Ready for next GRE and IELTS tests

    Extracurricular Activities ·31 Reading & Writing
    ·32 Photography
    ·33 Watching movies (Action, Classic, Animation, Short movies and so on)
    ·34 Listening music (almost all sorts)
    ·35 Travelling
    ·36 Sport (Training, Chess, Mountain climbing, Table tennis, Badminton, Football, swimming)
    Thinking and Studying Interests ·37 Philosophical (Philosophy of Language, mind, and cognition, Linguistics, Logics, History of Philosophy, and so on)
    ·38 Scientific (Almost all sorts, especially: Biology, Astronomy, and Physics)
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