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Homework Help: HELP: Forces

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    I tried doing these but my professor has not gone over forces yet. I tried using the book, but I got stuck on these questions. Please help.

    1) Two calibrated elevation blocks have a combined thickness of 1.86 cm. Find the angle of elevation of the 1.00-meter long track for this situation.

    2) A block having mass M slides down an inclined plane. THe force of friction between the plane and the inclined plane is f , the block's weight is Mg and the normal force is N . Draw a freebody force diagram showing the forces acting on the block.

    3) For the following position versus time values, calculate the average velocity for each of the four time intervals. What is the physical meaning of a negative average velcity?
    Position (m) 1.24, 1.57, 2.63, 2.25, 2.00
    Time (s) 1.00, 1.74, 2.33, 2.70, 3.00
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    Please show us what you have got so far.
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    The problem is that I don't know where to start and what formula to use.
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