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Help from others

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    Do you get embarrassed when you ask for help, may be you have to swallow your pride and be put on the right path.
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    Not at all.
    I have some problems when asking for help from my teachers face to face, but that's not for pride. That's because sometimes I guess I get scared thinking that they may scold me for asking stupid questions. But I always ask my friends to help me.

    In here, I was also scared to ask my stupid questions at first, but then, I got help from all these amazing people on PF, from which I could clear all the doubts I had.
    So, no. I get scared sometimes maybe,but I don't get embarrassed.
    And thank you all for being there and helping us. :smile:
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    Yes, sometimes. Not because of conceit, but because I fear that the information that I’m lacking has already been shared and that it is merely my own fault that I wasn’t paying attention and missed it.

    Some people seem so tired or stressed. Making them annoyed by having them repeat information (especially technical material) bothers me.
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    Usually not, although I don't often ask for help.
    When I do, though, I try to exhaust the obvious possibilities before asking.

    If it's a question about where I happen to be located geographically at the moment, I rarely ask for help. I enjoy finding new routes to places, just to see what's there, and this can lead to becoming lost, at least temporarily. I live in an area with lots of winding roads that wander all over the place. It has taken me some time, but I know my way around the area within a 20 mile radius pretty well.
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