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Help from String Theory Proponents

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    I am currently researching multi-dimensional models of the universe. The string theory allows for the possibility of a phenomenon called "gravity leaks" could someone expound upon this, and offer your thoughts on the following. Assuming for a moment that the multi-dimensional theory is proven. This model would allow for the possibility of surviving human consciousness. Would then these gravity leaks allow for interdimensional contact of some sort? Or am I totally off base here???
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    I don't know too much on the subject but this is what I have heard:

    What we call particles, both fermions and bosons, are actually strings which vibrate in different, microscopic dimensions. All these strings which comprise all the particles are embedded within a multi-dimensional membrane. That is the ends of the strings are attached to the membrane and are not free to move off of this membrane. A graviton, on the other hand, is a closed loop string and is not attached to the membrane. Because of this, it has an extra degree of freedom and can move off of the membrane, possibly through another neighboring membrane. This might explain the curvature of space-time. The gravitons leaving the membrane might deform space-time. It also could explain the relative weakness of the gravitational force. Of course, this is all highly subjective.
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