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Help heat transfer

  1. Jul 16, 2010 #1
    i have a system consists of a shell an tube exchanger and a centrifugal blower the blower suction is at the exit of the exchanger
    i want to replace the shell and tube with a multi plates heat exchanger
    whats my conditions for this process
    0.03 m^3/s
    max press 16 bar
    VOLUME 0.64 m^3
    and max Q is 30 kw

    what will happen if i put exchanger with volume of 30 L
    do i choose the exchanger with respect to blower flow rate ??
    and why the shell and tube exchanger is so large 0.64 m3 and the blower is only 0.03 m3/s??
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    I'd hazard a guess that the exchanger is much larger then the transfer rate of the blower so that the fluid will spend the proper amount of time within the exchanger. If the fluid moves through the exchanger at a rate such that the interval of time spent within is very low, then the total heat transfer will be low (likewise if it spends too much time in there, the rate of heat removal from the source will be too low). It's a balance.
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    so what if i changed the shell and tube with another plate exchanger or what if i connect another exchanger in series with it ??
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