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    ok, I'm deciding to be a meteorologist, and I need to take alot of physics and math classes in college. I'm trying to start from basic physic book to go advanced. Can you guys tell me about some books that I can get from library.
    thanx anyway. :smile:
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    anyone knows any basic physcis book or what?
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    There are hundreds of books. Nobody here knows what you already know, so it's pretty hard to recommend something. What math and science courses have you already taken? At what level? How did you do?
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    Man I just graduated from high school, and I took regular physics, and it was kind of hard for me. So I just wanted to be kind of basic, and expalins all the formulas.
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    http://images.ecampus.com/images/d/336/0764554336.jpg [Broken]
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    do you think basic physic book is good
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