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Help Hey.Like please! Let us do something to face a black hole coming

  1. Sep 5, 2003 #1
    There is not order in universe mainly, but it is rule enough and structure with system, one of a question is some huge mass and its velocity. What huge energy and force action to form the ruled structure.
    If the universe mass spray in a direction, the whole universe like a rocket, whether the universe beginning point get into the original space? As the universe rocket powerful is very huge strong, whether the universe point is limited by light speed? Consider exceed light speed in sight is exist commonly, the block hole will be pass a lot area in the original space with very high speed. It is necessary to face a black hole coming.
    There are more millions to interest phys. What can we do for future to face this hard coming. The first to select is time structure.
    The time structure should be kindly, friendly, comfortable and wonderful enough, for safety, it is a part system and gate is ease enough.
    Naturely, to use time structure is far enough in future, but it is value enough for future. The primary design is goodwell enough whether its success or failture, but it is hard enough.
    In some hard time ,
    to skill way is ease in success;
    to skill goodwill is ease in good future;
    to skill money is ease in same group;
    to skill health is ease in future life.

    But, it isn't enable to face a black hole coming,
    to skill time structure system, future will belong kind still.
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