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Help hey.like please, to calculate the universe action force on a electron surface

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    There are twice matter in this universe, solid mass and empty universe. It is very interest in phys, the mass, it is equal to energy, so lot energy . The empty, it is action powerful very enough, the heavy sun was held year after year, by some light year distance action. These are very very mean enough to future.
    Now, who can give me your hand to calclate. There is a electron, its mass is equal to ... kg, its charge is equal to ... c, its redium is equal to ... m.
    The model 1: In classical model, the electronis a solid ball and well-distributed. How many universe force is on per m*m in electron surface. Naturely, the universe force will be strong enough.
    The model 2: There is a light current on a electron surface, the electron mass and charge are on this surface, it is bent to form a ball, the ball surface is not permissible to measure. How many universe force on per m*M in electron surface. Naturely, the universe force was strong.
    The model 3: reference some modern particle model, there is a charge current on a electron surface, its velocity is very near light speed and to action out is ease, the mass is a very tiny black hole, the black hole hlod the light particle not to escape, its action is equal to the charge current radiation. How many universe force is on per m*m in electron surface, the universe force is a wonderful action.
    The model 4: There is a special electron, its life is equal the universe life almost, in its center a tiny area, there is a mass curve surface, its area is large enough. all charge is on the electron surface, it is equal to a static light particle, the universe force again this particle to move out by light speed, how many universe force is to stop a light particle to go out. If the force is truly large enough, the light speed is so absolute and so fast enough.
    To know the universe force action well, ease to do.
    To master the mass energy well, easy to have.
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