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Help! How to solve a set of 12 partial differential equations with 8 variables.

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    Hi, I am a master student comes from USM in Malaysia. My main focus is on monopole instanton solution in static form which did not include time, i using the Lagrangian to generate out the 12 set equations of motion with 8 variables, the software that i use is Matlab with Optimization toolbox- the algorithm that i use inside the package is trusted reflective region and the numerical method that i used is finite difference method. However, it did not converge. I have tried to reproduce the Jutta Kunz paper-monopoles solution with 6 set of partial differential equation with 6 variables and its work well and i can get the Higgs field of monopole successfully. The varibale is in r and theta form which means as A(r,theta). So any suggestion for using Matlab to solve the 12 set equations of motion (PDE form) with 8 variables.
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