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Help, How Would This Work

  1. Oct 13, 2004 #1
    well i like to make theories on manga and anime powers and i have an ongoing thread about this stuff, but ive been trying to work out the physics of somethings, especially the question below and im stuck, could you help me and yes i know its a comic or a anime, but please spare me, just give me some theories as to how this may be possible.

    should it be possible for people(superheroes) to punch each other back like one hundred feet through a wall just purely with mechanical strength. i mean wouldnt you have to maybe send some type of high amperage shock, channled through your fist, to get the opponents body to involuntarily fling itself back that far and that hard.

    wouldnt you probably punch there head off or punch a hole in there body, before you knocked them back one hundred feet into a wall. ive been trying to work out the phsycis of this but im a little stuck.


    lets assume the body is capable of generating all this power and not get damaged, lets be hypothetical obviously.
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    there was once a superhero double-page explanation in the "Focus Magazine"
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