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Help HW 1

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    help HW!!!1

    A cyclist and her bicycle have a combined mass of 75 kg. she coasts down a road inclined at 2 degrees with the horizontal at 4 m/s and coasts down another road inclined at 4 degrees at 8 m/s. she then holds on to a moving vehicle and coasts on a level road. what power must the vehicle expend to maintain her speed at 3 m/s? assume that the force of air resistance is proportional to her speed, and assume that other frictional forces remain constant.

    okeee, i am absolutely confused. is the vehicle part related to the inclined part? like the speed of the cyclist on the flat road, is it related to the speed of the cyclist on the incline? power is Force times V, how do i find V? do i find the force of her going on the inclineS? wouldn't she move with a different force on the flat surface?


    thank you
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    PLEASE do not post the same question under different topics!

    (And especially not under different names. I refuse to believe that a high school student and a college student posted the same problem at the same time!)

    Go to https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10481 to see the answer I posted under "K-12 homework".
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    i can assure you that i did not post this msg under k-12. i don't even know the person who did it under that section. the coincidence was purely accidental.

    just wanna let u know. i really didn't do it. plus, if i were to post the same msg, wouldn't i just copy paste the original?
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