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[HELP] i need help with them

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    [HELP] i need help with them plz

    20. A biologist is studying a new hybrid tomato. It is known that the seeds have a probability of 0.8 of germinating. The
    biologist plants 400 seeds. What is the expected number of seeds that will germinate? (Assume a binomial distribution.)
    a. 200 b. 240 c. 320 d. 480 e. none of these

    21 - 25. A company claims that their chocolate chip cookies contain an average of 15 chips per cookie. A study of
    100 cookies is done, and the average chip count of the sample is 14.78 with a standard deviation of 1.2.
    21. What is the null hypothesis?
    a. Ho: m § 15 b. Ho: m = 15 c. Ho: m ¥ 15

    22. What kind of critical region is involved in this situation?
    a. left-tailed b. right-tailed c. two-tailed

    23. What is the standardized test statistic in this hypothesis test?
    a. -1.65 b. -1.83 c. -1.96 d. -2.14 e. none of these

    24. What is the p-value of this test statistic?
    a. 0.0437 b. 0.0672 c. 0.0289 d. 0.0185 e. none of these

    25. Based on a significance level of a = 0.05, what would the conclusion be?
    a. fail to reject the null hypothesis b. reject the null hypothesis

    to 20.question
    I'm stuck with number 20..i think its C but im not too sure
    and mostly i'm stuck on the null hypothesis..i'm confused because i can't tell what im supposed to pick
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    Re: [HELP] i need help with them plz

    this is what i thinkkkk they are: 21.a 22.b 23.b 24.b 25.a
    but help me ..i don't want to get them wrong? if you know that they are something else then plz tell me so i know what i did wrong
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    Re: [HELP] i need help with them plz

    Can you tell us how you obtained your answers??
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    Re: [HELP] i need help with them plz

    Some of the characters you typed are unreadable in my browser.
    Is § supposed to be < ?
    Is ¥ supposed to be >?
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    Re: [HELP] i need help with them plz

    mark it's done for these .. thanks from u i appreciate

    the topic can erare or close
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