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    HELP!! iAM SO CONFUSED !!!!!!

    hey all,
    i have a rather large problem, iam taking a year off of engineering right now but i recently learned of a combined undergrad masters program in physics that is in a university in mysore india, now to most ppl that wouldnt mean much but to give a comparision well they claim that they follow the cambridge syllabus.
    now iam stuck between trying to decide if i should take the risk of going to india and doing this program (that gets me a masters) vs staying here and completing an undergrad in engineering.
    so yeah iam really stuck it would be grt if u guys could give me some insight into wat i could possibly do.:confused: :confused: :confused:
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    if that's a decison, i support u too

    you got the boint
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    Im an undergrad who has many friends that are premeds, you are probaly wondering what that has to do with your problem, well some of my freinds who are not doing so well in undergrad that are premeds are thinking about going to Greneda to get there M.D's, the only problem is that is that the M.D's from foriegn country's have a harder time finding a competitive residency,some dont even find residencie. What I'm trying to get to is that you should find out if you would be at a disadvantage by going to a foreign country then coming back here to work. I would rather stay here in the U.S and get the undergrad degree.
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