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Help ID this rock

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    I came across this rock and it just seemed out of place and was wondering if any one could help identify it.
    I am in the Western Upper michigan area.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Two points:
    How far is it from a road or an old dirt path i.e. can someone drive to it in a truck?
    Upper Michigan was under a huge layer of ice not long ago - glaciers can pick up and move large rocks hundreds of miles.. Is this on a terminal moraine? Or is there a steep rock face uphill and above it?

    You have to eliminate human dumping first. The out of place thing is easily handled by: glacial processes or humans. Sometimes rocks go for a ride down a steep rock face, too. And keep rolling for a bit.

    I cannot tell if it is a conglomerate or construction waste. You decide. Long range rock identification is nearly impossible, sometimes up close is still tough to do, as well. Note: it has not been there terribly long - no lichens. So you can guess what I think. Compare it with the rock in the background.
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