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Ok, so this is way outside what is normally posted on this forum, but I am desperately trying to identify a song and I could use the help of a crowd.

The piano/synth/organ riff in this song reminds me so much of something that I am 99% sure it is stolen, but I cannot for the life of me remember where I have heard it (or something very similiar).

So far I have ruled out:

"Iron Butterfly - in a gadda da vida" ()
"Giorgio Moroder - Tears" ()
The theme song from the movie phantasm ()

I'm thinking it is either from a horror movie, or a sixties rock band, but those might very well be red herrings.

So, anyone have a clue? I'm going insane here.

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Sounds a little bit like Jon Lord in Child in Time. I don't mean the riff is copied exactly, just the general sound.


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Organ Donors...funny.

The monotonous phrase reminds me of the bridge in "Tom Sawyer" from Rush, just slower.


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The rythm part sounds like Axel F - Beverly Hills Cop. The guy looks like the observer from Fringe.

oooo oooo

It sounds a LOT like the Castlevania (NES) theme song.

This is a rock version, but at like 8s if you slowed it down like 200% it might be close.


edit: I had to look up that song because it was awesome, and the original version on Endtroducing... is only like 2min long. What version is that?
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