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Help (illusion)

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    Help.... (illusion)

    could someone figure out the answer...

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    ....excuse me, but why can't i see the .gif i attached...
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    Are either of those shapes actually triangles? Look carefully at the intersection of the diagonal with the grid. Or calculate the slopes of the diagonal lines.
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    I think Damgo is right.

    If you calculate the area of the whole "triangle" you get:

    Area = (1/2)*(13*5) = 32.5

    However if you calculate the area of each individual piece you get:

    Red: = (1/2)*(8*3) = 12
    Light Green: = 8
    Dark Green: = (1/2)*(5*2) = 5
    Yellow: = 7

    Adding these values up we get a total area of 32.

    There is a contradiction here, therefore there is something fishy going on, and I think it has to do with the assumption that the apparent triangles are truly triangles.
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    The four shapes do not come together to make a triangle. The small triangle (dark green) is a right triangle with legs 2 and 5; the large triangle (red) is a right triangle with legs 3 and 8. They are not congruent.

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    so my answer was right, yehey...
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