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Homework Help: Help, im rusty on first homework question!

  1. Sep 25, 2004 #1
    Im very rusty heres my problem, please help thanks!

    The radius of a sphere is expanding at the rate of 1 meter/min. At t=0 the radius is 1. In earch case, find the requested function and sketch the curve.

    a)The surface area of the sphere as a function of the time;
    For this i took: dR/dt = 1 m/min
    dA/dt = 8*pi*r <--- if this is right how do i sketch this graph as a function of time??
    my graph points that i ploted were (0,8pi),(1,16pi),(2,24pi) etc... but this is confusing me because at t=0 radius is 1... is my x-axis supposed to be time or radius someone help me im confused..
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    Please do not post the same thing in multiple places. This should really be posted only once, and in the Calculus & Analysis forum.
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