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Help! I'm stuck on a dumb hw problem

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    I am stuck on a problem that is probably was easier than I am making it out to be, but I am wondering if anyone can help me out.

    The question is: How many feet are in a light-second.

    I would appreciate some help with this problem, 'cuz I have attempted this problem many times, but still am not getting the right answer. Thanks!
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    A light-second is the distance light travels in one second, so you should find out the speed of light to see how far it travels in one second. Most likely it will be given in meters/second, so this problem is just one of unit conversion (from meters to feet).
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    light travels really close to 300,000 kilometers per second. Do the math.
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    Or 186,000 miles per second and there are 5,280 feet in a mile (12 inches in a foot -- but you knew that).
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