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Help in a project

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    hi guys,
    I need ur help please.

    in the attachement, there is a project for a course called(electric circuits 2).
    I have finished writing the equations but I do not know how to write the matlab code for them.

    dVc/dt= (-10^6) iL(t) - (10^6) Vc(t) + (10^6) Vs

    diL/dt= -10^4 iL(t) + 10^3 Vc(t) + 0Vc(t)

    Please any one knows that , write for me the code.

    I will appreciate


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    I noticed that in the attachment you posted it says:
    Code (Text):
    Here are some nice excuses ☺ for not doing well: [I]I do not know how to use
    MATLAB.... This is the first time ..... The printer is not working...I had major
    exams ...etc[/I]
    I don't know if I'm supposed to say this or not, but I think this thread might belong in the Homework section...
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    here is the problem.
    I tried my best to write them in matlab but the instructor did not teach us how to deal with matlab.

    so he expected those excuses.

    I am really sorry if the place of this topic is not suitable here.
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