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Help in ANSYS Workbench

  1. Jan 1, 2015 #1
    I have done the following Steps on a geometry consisting of
    2 Beams
    5 Frames
    and an outer covering over that with Thugs on it for fix supports
    1. Import Geometry to Workbench
    2. Geometry cleaning(Suppressing the unwanted parts and sheet )
    3. Open it in design Modeler
    4. Meshing was Successful
    5. Fixed supports were given
    6. Forces applied
    7. And giving it the required info I put it on Solution for Total Deformation and Equivalent Stress
    But it wasn't Solved rather giving the following error message
    "AN unknown error occurred during solution. Check the Solver Output on the Solution Information object for possible causes.
    I can send the pics at different steps, if needed
    Please Anyone related to Ansys Workbench software, help to solve this Problem
    Thank You smiley5.gif
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    I've not used ANSYS workbench but a quick google search suggested that you may need to increase the page size.
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