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Help in career choice

  1. Mar 24, 2012 #1

    I really need some advice on my study
    I am actually at a cross road to choose my course for my undergraduate study. But , I can't seems to make up my mind .
    I love mathematics and physics , but would prefer to do more calculations than physics question, love chemistry too. However, being a mathematicians is not that prospect in my country(Malaysia).

    So I am going for pure physics or engineering course. But I can't differentiate the different between these two. I think I am only interest in chemical/environmental engineering.
    I am a person that always want changes, so I don't want my future job to be always doing the same old thing again and again, I also don't like to work in an office, it is very boring. How is the working environment for chemical/environmental engineer ? and what is the job prospect for it ?

    The chapter I love the most in physics is the quantum mechanics(especially about quarks, photon, radioactive and so on.. ) So, if take physics course how can I branch into this ?
    I also like nanotechnology but my country don't have this course, so by taking physics can I branch into that ? I like to do research , but not sure about teaching.

    My mum suggest me to do geology/geohysics(can't differentiate this both) . I never touch geology subject before, not sure if I love it or not . It just that my mum said it got a very good job prospect in the future. What does geology/geohysics study ? and what kind of research can I go into ? what is the working environment like ?

    Thank you very much .
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    1st the all u need to clear about what's the all are you looking for actually,an enjoyable job?or lucrative career? have you really found your interest in between?overwhelming majority in people around define "prospect" in term of "high payment". For me,the different in engineering and physics is that,in engineering you are being trained and tough , become a specialist bond to certain field relative to your study ,physics is different way .you have cover wider and large scope in study but will not specified like what engineering doing .Thus,you will end up in dilemma due to the above.In Malaysia it lesser number in merit to you just come out with an physics degree,moreover ,mostly all the recruiter choose to hire an engineer when you showing your degree cert in physics,compare and engineering degree.Is is quite competitive at now instant of decade.Can having consult from other try collect different experiences and advise in order to make sagacious choices.Dun limit yourself at his moment of time,it is good to having a gap time before you make any decision.try to find out your interest and do what you like ,you will enjoy and appreciate your life further know what you are doing.Important is to get impetus and motivation from other bravo character which have archived their goal, and this happiness are a share of joys and tears which we might thrill and as our motivation to strive for our dreams. I am also a Malaysian and currently doing B.c in physics,I feel full of fun in my study and gratified.....gud luck for you oso.
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    Thank you very much for replying and advices .
    Well, I don't need to be super rich, just sufficient for everything , probably above average.

    I am only sure that I love mathematics and physics in general, not really sure which specified course I would want to go into it. Is there any ways or advice for me to explore my specific interest ?
    At first , I want to go into astrophysics(I love astronomy since young) . But there is no prospect in Malaysia. Then I choose to do pure physics, but I hear that become a physicist means the future job would involve teaching, doesn't seems to like teaching.Beside that , going into pure physics means have to studied until PhD, that would take quite some time.
    Then my mum suggest me do geophysics, but I never touch geology before.

    Wow, that's good to hear. Which university are you currently studying for your physics ?
    What kind of job do you plan to have in the future ?
    Mind to list some subject you are studying ?
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    since you having a dream then why don't you endeavor to fight for it?must remember all the bravo achievement is start from a little small thinking then evolved into a dream .we have dream only we will fight to survive. I have also come into the conjunction when i was that time as you now.Keeping lots of advise and tease from other,some other may get amuse from this also.At last I seem to be quite persist in what I want then I enter physics field .Actually study physics doesn't means u are in doom and if you have doing some research on web you will find there still have lots of physics graduate student involved in engineering field.They doing job as engineer in industrial or other sector.It 's like quite a safe-path to walk through if you have that determination to do what you want.U may ask yourself whether you have courage in choosing this way and taking a risk contained invest .If not ,you might prefer the other way around.For me,"ALL investment are risk existed,if it is inevitable,why we still consider the risk as our consideration ?"this is the creed force push me up still now.I can't give you that foresight in this moment of time,even all that advise are useless if you are not working hard to do so.Start thinking for your self,all the advise just use as refer that doesn't really will impede or imply in your decision .sometime you have to ignore also.

    i currently study in UTAR,i am A-level graduated student,due to taking A-level,is less opportunity for me to enter Local U,with my indolence,i even don't apply for all local U straight choose UTAR since private Uonly do have UTAR offer B.c in physics .and I obtain scholarship .

    due to Malaysia having less number of merit,I will chose to study aboard hope to take Ms in foreign country and oversea.This are all the story only after finished my degree in local.

    if your result is excellent,you might be chosen,you can involve in assistance with the professors at all those research carrying .

    but there are still some example physics degree come out a job as bartender.this isn't a joke really..
  6. Mar 27, 2012 #5
    Well, sometimes there are just a lot of other factors .
    There a none of the university to offer astronomy course which means I have to go overseas for it. But I don't have that fund. So I have to give up.
    The closet to astronomy is physics. So I will choose to go into that field first.

    Thank you very much for everything .:smile:
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