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Homework Help: Help in chemfinder

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    um, this question may really sound not smart

    but can someone find the property of Polycholrinated Biphenyl for me?

    i tried chemfinder but i dont get the results of that specific compound
    so if you can find a link, that will be much appreciated
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    What property are you trying to find?

    I did find one interesting comment -
    from http://www.nsc.org/library/chemical/polychlo.htm [Broken]

    Since PCBs are no longer legally sold or used in the US, it may be difficult to find the properties.

    The is some description of types, but essentially no information on properties at - http://www.epa.gov/toxteam/pcbid/ [Broken]

    For AROCLOR 1254
    Relative density (water = 1): 1.5
    Solubility in water: none
    Vapour pressure, Pa at 25°C: 0.01
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