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Help in fortran 77

  1. Dec 22, 2008 #1
    Hi, I have some doubts about how to open files in fortran 77.
    The file must to be inside some particular directory?
    Sorry about my english.
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    If you are using Windows, try the following code. If you are using Unix or Linux, change the back-slash to slash, and use the appropriate directory name, for example:
    The status could be 'new', 'old', 'unknown', and there are other options.

    Code (Text):
    C      open(10, file='testopen.dat',status='unknown')
    C      open(10, file='..\testopen.dat',status='unknown')
           open(10, file='c:\proj\f77\testopen.dat',status='unknown')
    C      read(10,*)x
    C      read(10,*)y
    C      print *,x,y
    C      rewind 10
          print *,10.0,12.0
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