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Help in Matlab!

  1. Feb 3, 2005 #1
    My thesis requires that i tabulate a guitar input (recorded in wav format) and then processed to obtain its respective tablature...

    However, i couldn't find the right algorithm to distinguish if the note played is strummed or plucked... please help me!!

    Here are some things ive learned thus far...

    when a chord is played, several frequencies are produced pointing to a unique note (ie 82.41 Hz is equal to an E note of the 2nd octave)

    but when a single note is played (thus plucked), the fundamental frequency is present along with its harmonics and nothing else...

    My first approach involved looking for the harmonics... but then errors would dictate that chords still have some of the harmonics of the lower notes present...

    CAn anyone give their point of views? Thanks! any new ideas may just be what im looking for... thanks!
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