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Help in second order ode numeric solution

  1. Jan 25, 2009 #1
    Dear all,

    Im trying to solve the following ode:

    y'' = -0.12*y + 0.4/sqrt(y^2 + 5.76) , y=y(t) , t: [-50,50]
    y(-50)=2.3 , y'(-50)=0

    i changed it to a set of two first order ode using z=y'
    and solve it with finite differences.

    note that the right side doesnt depend on t.

    the solution start good and raise till a pick point and than decay till zero, the problem it that when it decay to zero, infact i received again that y=y'=z=0 meaning im reaching my initial point and than the solution raise again to a pick point and decay again to zero etc etc...

    the real solution should raise , reach the pick when t=0 and decay again to zero till t=50.

    how can i solve that issue and stop the periodic behaviour when it decay to zero ?

    thanks a lot
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