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Help in Win 8

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    I got my new computer with Win 8 and the Mcafee and another program keep popping up. I went on the control panel and deleted a few of the programs. Now it won't connect to the internet anymore because there is no wireless connection. I might have deleted that accidentally.

    How do I recover the computer as it does not come with a system disk. It must be inside the computer, can you tell me how to recover the system?

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    Hey yungman.

    Does your computer have built on wireless or not?

    If it does then check that the driver is installed. If it is check that you haven't pushed a button that disables wireless at the hardware end.

    Win 8 has built in software for wireless so that is all you should need to do.
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    Thanks, I since recover the system. I have nothing in it so far, so it's is just easy to recover that whole system. I did it already.

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