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HELP! Inverse Laplace Transform

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    I'm having some trouble getting the inverse Laplace to the following problems...I need some help


    F(s)= 4/[((s-2)^2)+25

    F(s)= s/(s-1)(s+1)
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    For the first one, consider L{tn} works out to be for n>0.

    For the second one what is

    [tex]L^{-1} (\frac{1}{s^2+k^2)[/tex]

    for the third one, split into partial fractions.
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    would this be right for the third one

    A/s-1 + B/s+1 = s
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    Yes that's correct.
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    No that is wrong, the right formula is:


    from which you need to determine A and B.

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    Oops I thought he multiplied it out and set it equal to s:rolleyes:
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