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Help KingNothing find a hobby!

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    Hey guys, long time no chat...I have been too busy with EE.

    I came to realize that the small amount of free time I have should not be spent in front of the computer. I am searching for a hobby with the following properties:

    -It must be constructing something
    -The materials used to construct must not be intended for what I'm using them for, that is I would like to be using materials in unique ways
    -the materials must be fairly cheap (glues, sticks, etc) and available
    -must not be purely artwork, (more functional)

    Something I thought about was building things (furniture, etc) out of cardboard boxes. Any input? Links?
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    Go with the usual circlejerk activities for EEs: ham radio, building ham radio, using ham radio, talking about ham radio, buying ham radios, selling ham radios, trading ham radios, building your own rigs from vacuum tubes, antenna design, seeing data in static, trying to apply some random mathematical formula to some random ham radio phenomena.. I've got more if you interested.
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    go scout out flea markets and thrift stores until you find inspiration. that's a hobby in itself for some people.
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    What is it with EE's wanting to build things? Can't you put that time to better use by coding microcontrollers?

    Ugh, if you insist: Paper Furniture.

    Other DIY crafty things:
    Arduino LilyPad
    Duct Tape Crafts
    Make magazine
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Grand Piano
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    Go to a gym, or to a fight club.

    - you'll be constructing yourself
    - you'll use your body in unique ways
    - it's fairly cheap to have membership to a gym, and anyway it;s a investment in yourself
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