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Help: Liquids in Tubing

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    I am a student from UIC that has begun working on a side project.
    With a few of my friends we have tried to figure out the physics behind funnels with a tube coming down with liquids in them.

    Something like this:

    We have not gotten far but believe an integral to find the force of gravity would be important. As would be the pressure on the lower part of the tubing, before the liquid is released.

    Where do we start?
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    I hope you are aware that this is a complex non-linear problem. It takes pretty eloborately written programs to figure out the dynamics of a fluid in a funnel. Besides gravity, there are forces due to viscosity, coriolis type forces, turbulence effects, etc. The differential equations that describe this system nearly well almost never have analytic solutions and must be solved numerically. There are problems of convergence involved in the writing of a code to solve this.

    In short, this is a really hard problem. I would suggest you pick something that you know a little more about.
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