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Help - Loops Currents.

  1. Jan 3, 2006 #1
    Help - Loops Currents. :(

    hey there i'm revising for an exam and i cant really do loop currents
    i was trying to do this sum http://mathonweb.com/help/backgd4.htm (example2) but kept getting the rong sign for equations (for shared resistors):( could someone please explain to me!!
    thanx in advance.:cry:
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    Can you show what you've done? Maybe we can help then.


    P.S. Welcome to PF.
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    alright thanx..i'm sorted now..i was making a silly mistake.. of not adding the current since they were in teh same directions! we've done example of the opposite so thats why i subtracting :) thanx for the reply.
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