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Help making Einstein Graphic Tee

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    So, I'm a big fan of this t-shirt...


    However, I don't feel anyone should have to pay $30+ (after shipping) for a t-shirt. I've tried making pretty much the same image on one of these custom t-shirt sites, however whenever I add the image, the t-shirt color on the websites is a different shade of black from the one I use. Therefore, my shirt looks has a square outline of where the image was added. I've tried matching the colors, however I did not prevail. Can any one with better skills at photo editing point me in the right direction / how to get this for less money.. Thanks
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    Can you make the black color "transparent", then save in a format (like .png) that supports transparency?
    Software like Photoshop or GIMP or ImageMagick can do this... there are probably online tools that can also do this.
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    That exact same design is also on Society6 and the base price is lower there.
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