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Homework Help: Help me about the theoretical part

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    I just found how to start a new topic...sorry ..

    HI, dear all,

    Currently I am reading the paper "spatial scan statistics: approximation and performance study " and confused with section 4.1. I read many times , but still cannot get the meaning how the formula of (4.2) come from and why hi=p /4 can give a very good approximation for the convex function? could you guide me which mathematic theoretic background I should read or...how to understand this part? Futhermore, in fact,I cannot relate lemma 4.2 to the part of explaination using Figure 3 (a),(b).

    This paper --spatial scan statistics: approximation and performance study (authors: Deepal Agarwal, Andrew McGregor, etc.) , can be downloaded on website from google searching....

    Hope can helpe me to figure out !

    thanks !
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