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Homework Help: Help me at my blog?

  1. Dec 11, 2011 #1
    First of all, this is not a single question, but I wasn't sure where I could post it, and it has to do with lots of doubts about differents exercies I've got. Let me explain:

    I'm starting a career in mathematics and I have a blog where I'm uploading the exercises I'm supposed to do in each course. I think there are many advantages on doing this;
    1] First of all I don't waste lots of paper what seems both economic and ecologically efficient. (I also hate losing a paper with some calculations I made and the wanting to check something on it)
    2] Second I can keep all my tracks of previous years in an easily transportable and very readable (digital) format.
    3] And third, anyone anywhere and anytime in the world can be able (with an internet connection) to read how I solved (or tried to solve) a specific problem, helping her/him with their studies, and maybe if she/he finds a mistake or sees why I couldn't solve a specific problem they could comment it to me and that would help me a lot (that is the reason why I'm writing this post)
    4] One last plus is that being in the computer solving the problems makes it handy to check some calculation or graph something in maple or wolframalpha, or check some definition with wikipedia.

    One requisite is beeing able to type latex just as if you where writing on paper (It's way more easy to learn that, that to learn to solve the problems) Most of the time I'm thinking how to solve the problem than writing. (And if I want to write something on paper, I do it, noone prevents me that too)

    The only disadvantage of working this way I see, is that I don't like the idea that everyone can sees how I couldn't solve this or that "dumb" problem, but I think the advantages just mentioned way overpass this only issue.

    There are lots of exercises that I couldn't finish, and I write in red my doubts. There is a minor problem though: My first language is spanish, and that is the language I'm writing in the blog. Still, the google translator isn't perfect but I think the idea can be read with it (I think someone familiar with the concepts can "see" what they are talking about in any language, when it's about math)

    In the comments you can write in english if you want, I can both read and write in english (sometimes with the help of the dictionary)

    So, here is the blog:

    Here it is with google translate into english:
    http://estudiandoenexactas.wordpress.com (english)

    My questions:
    (1) Do you do something similar (solve your problems in the computer instead of on paper), or know someone who do it?
    (2) If you do, would you tell me you experience with it? If you don't, could you tell me why not?

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