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Homework Help: Help me before i go bald

  1. Jan 20, 2004 #1
    First off i would really like to thank any one and everyone who can help me im sure it is not that hard of a problem but im just starting physics so i do not have that great of an understanding of it

    Im sure many of you have heard of the movie arrmoggeden and the horribal physics that come with it but more to the point, My "Wonderful" teacher just reacntly assigned an EC. assignment on it actully there where 3 parts but the one im having trouble with is the one on the "MIR" space station. ive got a pretty good grip on the two.

    Any help would be appricteated
    the websit for the assignment is :http://www.intuitor.com/moviephysics/
    then from there scroll to Movie physics in the class room click
    the arrmageddon and
    than click Movie-minilab
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    Hi killjoy,

    Have you given the assignment a try?

    What formulas or equations do you think might apply?
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    yes i have tried put our class hasent learned about it becuse it is EC. (extra credit) We have only bugun to study all of newtons laws we have just finshed the 3 one. maby it has some thing to do with equal and opposite reaction but to tell you the truth i have know idea

    plus thank you for your message
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    Doc Al

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    Re: reply

    If the problem is the one titled "Mir Artificial Gravity Analysis", then the description tells you what you need to learn. Read up on circular motion and centripetal acceleration.
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    The EC is due tomorrow so oh well but thanks to you guys. and about those diffeent types of motion i tried working with my teacher and she said to just wait untill we study it in class btu thanks i looked over the different type and its tuff but thanks
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