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Help Me By Your Advises!

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    Help Me By Your pieces of Advise!

    CAN any body suggest me a method of solving math and geometry problems?or the way of thinking on a problem(i dont realy know how to start!).at list plz tell m some pieces of advise based on your own experiements.
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    The amount of methods is very large. You must learn the properties of forms and numbers. Do you have a specific kind of mathematical problem or situation? Algebra (and Arithmetic) can serve like language and be mechanical-like for many people.
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    I think it really depends on the problem. It is hard to give you only one basis. Can you give us the problem you are stuck with so that the different possible approaches are given to you?
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    It's hard to teach someone how to solve problems - most of problem solving skills need to be acquired independantly. The best way is to learn the relevant theorems and practice hard - and most importantly, avoid looking at the solutions.
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    Practice .
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    There are no general techniques for solving math or geometry problems. The best you can do is to learn enough particular methods to make more difficult problems tractable by applying them together.

    So to echo everyone else: Read and practice, ad infinitum!
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    Hi Behrooz,

    there are some books that give advice on how to approach a problem:

    1) One of those books is How to solve it by George Polya.
    Here is a summary of the book. The beginning might be boring until some examples occur in the book. (amazon price: $9.32)

    Other books also contain a lot of problems you can work on.
    Here are some that look nice (I haven't read them, but the reviews give a good impression):

    2) Solving Mathematical Problems: A personal perspective by Terence Tao. Sample chapters can be found on Terence Tao's website.
    (amazon price: $24.95)

    3) Thinking Mathematically by John Mason
    (amazon price: $11.56)

    I think solving problems from recreational mathematics (puzzles, riddles)
    also helps developing problem solving skills. Here is one book that looks good:

    4) The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations (Math & Logic Puzzles) by Boris A. Kordemsky
    (amazon price: $10.36)
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    try this one: a bottle and a cork cost a dollar and a dime. if the bottle costs a dollar more than the cork, how much does the cork cost?
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