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Help me decide applied math degree.

  1. Oct 23, 2009 #1
    Hello everyone, I just discovered these forums and love them to death. Anyway, I was hoping you could all help me on something. The age-old BS or BA question.

    I am currently "attending" a college's online degree program for a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in applied mathematics; but the online format simply isn't working for me (it isn't that I don't like figuring things out for myself but I feel I am paying for more than just "here's a textbook have fun"... oops, that's complaining). The point is, I'm transferring to a physical location now. I've toured several local colleges, and currently I'm looking into Kings College in Wilkes Barre. They mention their math degrees prepare their students with backgrounds in both pure and applied mathematics, and they have all the courses in my current applied-math degree plan, however in the end I receive a Bachelor of Arts mathematics degree (based on my understanding. If anyone here knows more about Kings College and this degree specifically I'd appreciate any input!).

    My concern is that, in the applied field, a Bachelor of Arts is not what I need. I would think a pure mathematics program could go either way but for applied? Would a BA instead of a BS affect me negatively in the future?

    Sorry about the long post. :D
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