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Help me decide what to study?

  1. May 18, 2010 #1
    Got the biggest headache. Hate the position where I am in my life and the way I'm doing things. sigh...
    I am 21 and have no idea what to do with my life. I know I have to and that I want to graduate from college. The major? I have no idea! I've read all kinds of blogs saying what to do according to what i enjoy doing or what am i good at but I just don't know.

    I know that i am not a good at chemistry, even though i got an A in CHEM1 in my first semester in a community college I know that I just don't know the stuff. I never thought of myself as being good in math but. . after 5 years I took pre calculus in college and did pretty good, an A.
    I know that I want nothing to do with chemistry.
    I also have to recognize my very low interpersonal skills, my zero interest in politic and finances. When I think of a field I can right away state why I am not a good prospect to be succesfull in it. When I think of health care for instance i know i never care about a sick person, ( i care about sick animals though) and also I have never showed interest in medications or anything. I hate how hospitals smell but find that I'm strong enough to see a leg chopped off with no problems. I thought of graphic design but i have nothing for my poratfolio. I don't even know how to use the basic programs for design. Being the youngest in my house, however, I am considered by my parents and siblings "good with computers" (I'm not, i know very basic stuff). I love dogs. I can truly say i rather play with dogs than talk with people but to be a vet it's late now, I'm already 21. I once had a job of selling perfumes and I recognize i was really bad at it. Since i'm shy i couldn't go after a costumer and convince him to buy my product. hmm..Oh! I recognize that I have great costumer service experience and I think I'm good at it ,as i've received compliments from costumers at the restaurant where i work. and what else? a psychologist? as i said before... my interpersonal skills suck. I have a couple of friends but couldn't care less about their personal problems. Of course I know i am a bad friend but they still talk to me for some reason. who knows. Oh! and also I am very shy with people, more if they're around my age.
    What should I study???
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  3. May 18, 2010 #2
    Girls. When you get older you'll wish you had studied the subject more.
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