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Help me doing research please

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    Hello !! Thanks for reading the message !!

    I did 3 university years of chemistry in france when my schizophrenia occured :confused: :cry: . Now I want to study physical sciences (theoretical physics of dynamical systems prefered) in order to do a Phd.

    My constraints are :
    - i live in france
    - i earn 640 euros per months due to my handicap
    - i have difficulties to follow full time classes
    My advantages :
    - i love learning maths/physics/physical chemistry :!!)
    - i have no time requirement to achieve my goal
    - this is a lifetime project so i am very motivated :approve:

    So, i searched a free/cheap online school to graduate but didn't find :-( Have you heard about that over the world? Africa? India? I don't know !
    Are there research projects you can do at home? self funded?
    Any opinion welcome to help me realize my dream !
    Thanks o:)

    PS : my CV attached

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    Last night, I saw this link on a different thread on this forum and I think you'd be very interested in reading it:


    Nowadays internet is a very useful source indeed... I suspect internet can be much better than those online colleages if you know where to find the good source. Above link is an excellent example of good sources.

    However, once you get to some level of confidence with your physics studies, I strongly suggest that you contact university professors by email, and explain your situation and desire to study theoretical physics.

    I think you can start thinking about doing theoretical research once you establish an on-going correspondence with a working theoretician :)

    Notice this is all assuming you can't go to school to get your degrees in physics. If you can find a way of getting formal degrees in physics, I think that would be the best way.
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    Just a suggestion...

    Your CV looks the wrong way round to me; that is, the education looks minimum - at what does <<good>> represent? and why is your unexamed (?) education equivalent to a BSC? - yet your experience makes you look very keen.

    I'd rewrite it with the experience first, followed by Education, Computing Skills, Languages, Interests (although, personally, I wouldn't include these).

    The Objectives should go in a separate cover letter.

    You may also want to include in the cover letter reasons why your placements were so short, eg. through school etc.
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