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Schools Help me find my M.D university

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    hello every body
    i am a mechanical engineer ,and i was graduated 2 years ag with a percentage of 72.56%
    from a libyan university(sebha university) and the country has given me the chance of completing my study abroad andd i like to complete it in USA so can i get a suitable and famous university in USA.
    Is my percentage good enough to alow me studying in America and in one of the top 15 ranked universities in USA?

    Thank you!

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    top 15? probably not . . . have you even taken the MCAT exam?
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    I think he meant Master's degree, And no. You can apply, of course, but I am skeptical. That's a very average percentage if memory serves me right and you will already have trouble finding a spot because it is a non-US university. Little-known university abroad, combined with average marks (unless you've done some good work since then, like research or something) make it hard to even get into a mechE master's program, much less a top 15 ranked one.
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