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Help me for Instantaneous Velocity

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    can you explain me Instantaneous Velocity in simplest form?
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    The average velocity over a time interval is the distance traveled divided by the time interval. The instantaneous velocity is the limiting case, where the time interval approaches zero.
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    Instantaneous velocity can be thought of as "[the vector quantity with magnitude] what your speedometer reads right now, together with the direction your car is pointing".

    On a displacement-vs-time graph, you can visualize krab's definitions as
    • average-velocity="the slope of a line-segment with endpoints at the start and end of the time-interval of interest"
    • instantaneous-velocity="the slope of the tangent-line at the instant of interest"

    It's good to remember these prepositional phrases
    • average-velocity over a specific time-interval (you need to specify two times [better: two events])
    • instantaneous-velocity at a specific instant (you need to specify one time [better: one event])
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