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Help me in relay

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    Hi everybody

    I need the connection for relay in boards

    Also try to put images


    Best regards

    Ahmed Hassan
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    Of course this is a nother question

    There is a type of relay with more than 4 connections on it.
    you can see connection number as (1,2,3, . . . A1, A2) and there is more than this numbers

    I need picture with all connection number and what is that for

    Best Regards
    Ahmed Hassan
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    Use the company name and part number that are printed on the relay to find the datasheet for it online. That should give you the connection information.
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    We need a specific model number, or at the very least the type of relay and the maufacturer. There is no standard terminal numbering scheme; each manufacturer uses his own and even then there are going to be differences depending on whether the relay is an SPST, SPDT, DPDT or something else.

    I'm not sure what you're asking anyway. Either you already have a relay and need the datasheet, in which case Google should help you, or you have a particular application that you need to determine which type of relay to use, in which case, we need that information. Where are you getting these terminal numbers from?
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    you must refer to relevant relay catalogue and note to similar attached diagram.

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