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Homework Help: Help me in these questions

  1. Oct 23, 2009 #1

    help me in these questions

    I want to explain the solution to these questions

    How do we get the result ???

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    Your attachment may take a while to get 'approval'. Perhaps post the question in text
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    It's pretty much basic algebra. The first equation is y= 3- 2/x and I guess the problem is to solve for x. First subtract 3 from both sides: y- 3= -2/x. Divide both sides by -2 to get (y- 3)/(-2)= 1/x. Now take the reciprocal of both sides: -2x/(y- 3)= x.

    The second equation is y= (1/5) x. Okay, since x is divided by 5 and you want to solve for x, do the "opposite"- multiply both sides by 5: 5y= x.
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