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Help me on this question

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    I'm doing a little research on automotive mechanic stuffs. Anyways, my question is, why do cars accelerate suddenly? What causes it to accelerate unintentionally? You've seen the recent recalls on Toyotas about the unintentional accelerations. I just wanna know more about it. So, tell me what you guys think? Thanks a lot.
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    You're aware that you've posted this in the "Beyond the Standard Model" forum, correct? Last I checked, Toyotas were well described using conventional mechanics!
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    Looks like it got moved to a better forum.

    Welcome to the PF. Well, we prefer here for you to tell us what you know, instead of asking us to spend lots of time posting all kinds of stuff that you should be able to find on your own. We are happy to answer questions about things that you've read that you don't understand, but we prefer not to spend cycles on things that are easy to find via Google and Wikipedia.org, etc.

    So, what links can you show us to things that you've read already? And what exactly do you not understans about info in those links?
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