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Help me out here

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    ive been given a problem in skul which goes lyk dis:
    "Many cars have an electrical ciggerate lighter which it is possible to plug other appliances in to such as heaters, phones, lights, etc.
    An electrical firm that wants to produce small portable heaters which can be plugged into these ciggerate lighters has come to you, as a consultant, to investigate the possibility of this.
    They also want to produce the heater out of nichrome wire and they want it to have different power settings ( preferably 1,2,3 where 2 is as twice as good as 1 and 3 is three times as good as 1)
    They want you to come up with some factors that might affect the heating affect of the wire, you are to choose one which you can study in the laboratory.
    Once you have come up with a list of factors that might affect the heating effect of the wire, you are to choose one which you can study in the laboratory.
    Your report to the firm will follow the laboratary write up format, which is attached to this sheet. If you are after the higher grades you should also mention how you would go about creating the different power settings. You should also be able to calculate the expected temperature rise and compare these to the experiment values.
    You will have available to you all the electrical equipment we have already used during the course which includes, ammeter, voltmeters, wires, variables resistors, and the lock master power supplies. You should limit yourself to a maximum current of 0.5 A. You will also have available to you other general equipments, that is normally in a science department.
    To model the heater you should set up ur apparatus as below. You will have to sellotape the wire to the tape."

    Now i dun exactly haf the diagram buh in the book ders a tube sellotaped to the tube which is labelled as boiling tube and the wire is labbled as nichrome wire SWG 36 and ders water in the tube...
    Help me out ppl.. really need it.. thx
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    Welcome to the PF forums!! If you have been reading this forum,
    you already know there are lots of interesting topics here and knowledgable people who can help you, provided you show us you are thinking about your questions and attempting a solution.

    On your question, it would help us if you posted a drawing of your setup.
    Here's an example you can use as a guide for setting up your initial posts.
    Have you researched how you may use nichrome wire for this application?
    (hint: do a search here on PF for threads about nichrome)
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