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Help me out here

  1. Mar 23, 2005 #1
    ok, i saw the elegant universe tv show, im reading the book etc, but im still slightly unsure as to the implications of the theory...
    ive heard talk that everything could be described by the theory, but its thats true, how the hell would that work!
    and what are the odds on the theory being proved correct? has it been? will it be? im very out of the scientific loop as you may've noticed!
    im just looking for a wee bit of clarification on the whole theory... its all a bit mind boggling
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    Hi Polo,

    Come and join the conversation in 'Strings and loops have me all tied up', I've been asking the same questions, and have recieved a lot of helpful answers. The thread's not very old, so you'll soon catch up wih the conversation. Tom McCurdy's intro lecture is really good and might make Marlon's introduction more accessible if you can do the math (I can't). I'm interested in the implications of the theory, too, especially with regard to multiverse ideas.

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