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Help me out here

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    While sitting contemplating life today, I had a thought. Naturally were connected to the earth...The civilizations throughout history had a much deeper profound connection to it as well. The only difference besides technological advances is we wear shoes with rubber soles....Rubber is not conductive, so is it possible we lose our connection to nature for this fact?
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    You could perform an experiment. Walk about barefoot and see what happens. I do this and quite enjoy it, but I live on a weed-free tropical island.
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    One way that we can lose our connection with nature (reality) is through food.

    Most people don't know what its like to have to raise, slaughter, and prepare their own food (particularly the meat products, but also other products like rice and grains).

    Most people are used to food coming out of a supermarket shelf, just like money comes out of a concrete wall (ATM).

    I've worked in an abattoir on and off for a few years and although you get used to it, it can change how you look at the food you eat (especially how its prepared).

    This idea extends to all kinds of things including paper, oil and gas, computer parts, basically everything where you get a finished product without all the context and background.

    Our society has for the most part, has lost a lot of the connections that used to be present.
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    Be careful walking barefoot. Your connection with the Earth might be by way of some nasty parasitic worms.

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    The only reason this argument seemingly makes sense (it doesn't) is because you are using a logical fallacy known as equivocation. Your first mention of a connection to earth is in the sense that ancient (or primitive) civilizations lived closer to nature—they hunted and gathered, and lived by the mercy of the changing seasons. If we take the rest of the animal kingdom as a reference, I agree that this way of life—as opposed to the modern fat man who does his Walmart shopping in a wheelchair even though he's not actually paralyzed—seems to have a closer connection to nature.

    The second mention of a connection to earth is in terms of an electrical connection which, as you rightly point out, is broken with soles made from rubber.

    Your main problem is that the two concepts are completely unrelated, and that there's absolutely no reason to believe that being electrically isolated from earth has anything to do with how "close" you are to nature. The obvious alternative to this drivel is that we "lost" our connection to nature because of the industrial revolution and Man's desire for progress and prosperity.
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    I quite often walk around bare foot, the feeling of the dirt or grass on my feet is unique. At night i walk outside barefoot and look a the stars and for some reason in that moment i feel infinitely copnnected to everything. Something i dont feel while wearing shoes.....
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    I think Astronuc could give valuable advise here, ore else Zoobyshoe.
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    Connect yourself to nature however you want, but you'll not be allowed to enter my flat with your muddy feet.
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    By your logic, the Earth (and you) would be completely disconnected from everything else--vacuum is an isolator just like rubber.
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    What if she's an atractive girl?
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    Thanks, Andre, but I like what gnurf said. People need to watch those tricky, quiet sidesteps from one meaning to another.
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    Doesn't matter if she's Kate Upton. Muddy feet = leave my house before I force you to listen to 24 hours of Nicki Minaj.
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    What if it is Nicki Minaj??
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    What? O.O
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    Well, now that youve "sidestepped" my wonder to ignorance.... maybe you can answer my next "tricky" question.....
    Since our natural "home" (the earth) is a sphere, why is it we live in cubed houses? What does that do to the human psyche? I understand that vaulted ceilings are designed that way to make it feel like theres more space in the room. So what is it that white walled boxed rooms do to our mind?
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    I'll take the white walled boxed room over a life of living out in the open constantly worrying if today is it going to be fiendishly cold or rainy. So, i'll say it gives us a peace of mind! :D
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    Why not build a hippy dome shaped house?
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    Only if her name was Keanu Reeves.
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    Now that's what I'm talking about. Nice to see you guys.
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    Ok, the Op's misunderstanding has been cleared up.
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