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Help me out

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    Help me out!!

    hello fellow science enthusiasts

    I'm looking for some help from someone with serious knowledge of physics.

    what i need is a someone to identify what this picture is

    http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/5454/blueprintoflookingglass.jpg [Broken]

    and someone to validate this statement or tell me if its just garbage

    this all sprang from a discussion on a time travel theory that has been circulating the last few days on the net. . . while i don't buy the theory i don't buy this pseudoscience professors jargin. Though not being a professional i cannot say with certainty if it is legitimate or hoakem. . .

    thanks in advance
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    Re: Help me out!!

    It's pretty funny, but it's a joke. This is not a technical drawing, for many reasons. Look at the points on the graph jumping erratically around a supposed curve : a scientist would provide error bars compatible with those fluctuations (for instance). Do you have a better resolution picture, so we could read the labels ?
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    Re: Help me out!!

    the funny thing is, it looks like some kind of computer-generated 3D wireframe, which would make it recent. but nobody makes blueprints anymore. and all those unnecessary "wires" just make it too busy and irritating to look at for something that appears to be some kind of system/overview drawing. ugh, it's ugly.
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    Re: Help me out!!

    I can't say anything much about this, cus I don't really recognize what it's saying most of the time, but when I see this quote:
    I smell BS. This sounds to me like a violation of the second law of thermodynamics. I'm not 100% on that tho.
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    Re: Help me out!!

    Looks like something out of a sci fi movie to me. It looks like its been made to look pretty more than anything.

    The description of the devices operation also seems rather reminiscent of the movie Primer.
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    Re: Help me out!!

    lol @ the two graphs up top. to make the second, they just inverted the first and resized it. lazy.
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    Re: Help me out!!

    Can't you see it says "confidential and not to be disclosed"?

    Great, now nsa will be tracking all our phone lines. :grumpy:
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    Re: Help me out!!

    That was my immediate reaction to seeing it too. Something they'd pop up on a wall-sized screen (maybe not even a screen, but a hologram) in a sci-fi or spy movie.
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    Re: Help me out!!

    funny--did anyone notice the smaller second graph at the top is just the first one turned upside down?

    nevermind==proton did

    the 'neutron flute projection' sounds important:bugeye:
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    Re: Help me out!!

    Whoah, dude! It's a quad-core!

    Looks kinky.
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